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About Us

Producing the highest quality smoking products in the world while 
continuing the tradition and legacy of a 6 generation family firm

The Gawith family have been producing high quality world renowned tobacco products since 1792, with the origins of the company being traced back to a Kendal gentleman called Thomas Harrison. The company is still very much family run and an important employer in the local area. Over the years Gawith Hoggarth & Co have dominated the specialist hand rolling and pipe tobacco market in the UK and the export market of both Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth brands  has also grown exponentially. 

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Our Story

Following the death of John Gawith in 2014, his son Christopher Gawith opted to become more involved in the day to day running of the factory and a few years later John's daughter, Rachel, also became more involved. John's wife, Irene, remains the major shareholder. 

Kendal has been synonymous with the tobacco trade for centuries and both Chris and Rachel have returned from living abroad to settle back into life in the Lakes and run the company and Irene has lived in and around Kendal all her life. 

Meet The Team

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